ULTRA Vacuum Cleaner, 2400 Watt,Black, dust bag

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ULTRA Vacuum Cleaner, 2400 Watt, Black - UVC24HMK

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Strong air flow
when you come to buy a vacuum cleaner, the most important need for a strong flow of air is to rotate, so Ultra can offer you a vacuum cleaner with a motor of 2400 watts. Also, this vacuum cleaner comes with a special brush to clean the brushes to reach the difficult corners of your home. You will never suffer from any problem whether cleaning brushes or floors.

High Performance

2400 Watt motor for high performance, 2400 Watt motor generates more than 330 Watt suction power for high performance

small design
،be sure that you won't meet  
Broom for your home is better than this Broom de Ultra
To have unparalleled efficiency and stylish design in black color, its small and simple design makes it easy for you to use and store anywhere in the home.




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wire length
This Ultra vacuum cleaner features a long cord so you can use it to reach far places, and you will get the maximum possible cleanliness throughout the place. The wire also comes with the automatic pull feature, which will automatically pull the wire and return it to the vacuum in the vacuum cleaner so that you can use it with ease.


Breathe literally easily


The broom uses the filtration system to ensure the air is clean. By capturing fine particles like dirt and other allergens like pollen and mold, filters provide a cleaner and healthier environment

Specifications for ULTRA Vacuum Cleaner, 2400 Watt,Black, dust bag

Unused Brand Ultra
Type Bag
Color Black