كبة الترا ، 350 وات ، سعة 1.5 لتر ، ابيض

كبة الترا 350 واط، سعة 1.5 لتر، ابيض - UCH35P2W

شهور القسط المقدم
شهر 24 / جنيه 25
شهر 30 / جنيه 19
الدفع الفوري / جنيه 475
الدفع الفوري / جنيه 475
الدفع الفوري / جنيه 475

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شهر 6 / جنيه 87
شهر 12 / جنيه 43
شهر 18 / جنيه 31
شهر 36 / جنيه 17
الدفع الفوري / جنيه 475

475.00 E£ 475.0 EGP

475.00 E£


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Great performance                 

 Enjoy a premium cooking experience for your favorite foods. Kubba is ideal for many tasks of preparing various foods, such as cutting and chopping. The 1.5-liter kubba bowl allows large amounts of food to be processed at once. The chopper bowl has a comfortable-to-use handle that allows iron to hold the bowl tightly even when it is full. You can also use kibbeh in ice crushing and mincing meat. As for cleaning this kitchen appliance, it takes very little time and effort. This device is made from high quality materials, which gives it strength and durability. The energy-efficient design allows the 350-watt kitchen appliance to distribute heat, making it easy to use


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Excellent process, the slicer is designed with a strong focus on ease of use. This also helps you quickly clean this processor and its accessories after using it to prepare food. It has rubber suction feet that help it stay on top of a kitchen countertop or table





It is easy to get used to using Ultra Kubba and you will not do without it after that. The kubba is made of high-quality materials, so you will live with you for a long time. Don't forget the fact that the kitchen appliance is easy to use, so you can count on it to prepare large quantities of food


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" كبة الترا ، 350 وات ، سعة 1.5 لتر ، ابيض "

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