LG Top Loading Washing Machine 21 KG, Black

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13,640.00 E£

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LG Top Loading Washing Machine 21 KG, Black, High Efficiency Direct Drive , SOFT Closing Door, Auto Lint Clean System, Smart Rinse ( Jet Spray System) , Smart Diagnosis, Full stainless steel Drum , Steam with heater

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Save more time in your day

after washing with my technology
Washing will be finished in less than 40 minutes, away from you Waiting for washing and saving more time For your life

Powerful and Fast 3D Wash

 generate two technologies


Strong waves to enhance washing and rinsing Washing the new Tropo Wash technology with the new Tropo Dream technology, spinning in the opposite direction, clothes in every direction possible for a perfect cleaning

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Pelvic and pulsed rotation to make an impact and rub off the clothes.

The pulsator and wash basin spin in opposite directions, creating intense streams of water to turn left and right washing for a light and effective scrubbing effect.

Jet Spray

The water fell badly

High pressure water promotes streams of water and rapid rinsing the cleaning movement of the sink, circulating washing in the water with a strong rotation


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luxurious black finish

A distinct elegance that matches the color and shape of any washroom. Elegant and refined black steel lends extra splendor and beauty.

Clean the tank automatically.

Easy to maintain for your next wash

The sink cleaning function automatically helps you keep the sink clean easily by removing bad smells and dirt from the wash bowl. It's always easy to prepare your sink for a cleaner wash. .


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Sink and pile filter made of stainless steel.

The wash basin and filter are made of stainless steel. This steel is usually used for kitchen utensils and surgical tools which are very necessary to clean.



Stain and Allergy Care with Steam

A healthy setting, 40 ° C, and a sterilization setting, 60 ° C, will not only remove allergens from clothing but will eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria. .

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before washing automatic

Free your hands.

 Pre-automatic washing option. Which is the easiest option to remove stains. With just one touch, you can eliminate tough stains without manual washing. 


Save energy and water. Technology will save you energy and water without sacrificing washing performance


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Smart washing using Wi-Fi

  ‎  Enables technology to run or monitor your wash from anywhere and at any time. You can monitor energy consumption or use the download cycle to add a whole set of new wash cycles


Specifications for LG Top Loading Washing Machine 21 KG, Black

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السعة الليترية 21 KG
اللون BLACK
Dryer No