غسالة ملابس ال جي تحميل علوي ، سعة 14 كيلو ، فضي

غسالة ملابس ال جي تحميل علوي، سعة 14 كيلو، نظام التحكم العاكس الذكي , تقنية Turbo Drum , تقنية الغسيل بالبخار, كشف أعطال ذكي, فضي - T1482WFFSP5

النوع: تحميل علوي
السعة الليترية: 14 KG
اللون: Silver
Dryer: No

شهور القسط المقدم
شهر 30 / جنيه 406

بدون مقدم

شهر 6 / جنيه 1,861
شهر 12 / جنيه 914
الدفع الفوري / جنيه 10,150
شهر 36 / جنيه 361

10,150.00 E£ 10150.0 EGP

10,150.00 E£


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Excellent and elegant design.

Durable and elegant design ensures comfort and safety while providing effective and innovative functions

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Black touch display

Enjoy the latest design trends with ease of use

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Soft closing door

Safe and comfortable washing machine with low noise levels

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Wide diamond glass

Anti-scratch wide view glass door

Large Capacity

Over the larger space and the large capacity suit, you can wash more clothes in one load or wash large items like bedspreads and curtains in your home.

Full stainless steel basin

A full stainless steel sink makes it more effective in reducing bacterial growth than conventional plastic tubs. Intertek tests have demonstrated these antibacterial effects in order to eliminate 90% of harmful bacteria and prevent them from ever planting roots.


Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Clean the sink

Disinfection of the sink by circulating the hot water at a temperature of 60 ° C. to completely remove dirt and germs from every corner of the washing machine including those that cannot be seen. The tub cleaning function provides a 99% sterilization rate for cleaner washing than ever before..


 Warm water that can detergent more easily dissolve to increase the washing performance. The heater at the bottom of the inner tub raises the water temperature to 40 ~ 60 degrees. Therefore, it can wash allergens and difficult stains more cleanly, unlike washing with cold water


Allergy Care Course

60 ° C temperature + steam, if you want to remove pollen and dust mites, use this course.


Spot Care Course

40 ° C temperature + steam option, if you want to remove coffee / juice stains, use this course.

Jet spray

Clean water is sprayed during the rinse cycle directly on the clothes through the jet nozzle. Water also penetrates clothes while filling the sink with water at the same time



Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

6-step direct payment

Select the wash program, and the 6-stroke direct propulsion will move the drum in different directions for optimum tissue care. This system provides six types of movement and controls the speed of rotation and rotating the suit left and right for better performance, allowing you to thoroughly clean a variety of fabrics while reducing wrinkles and damages.

Direct Inverter Drive

LG has developed direct propulsion via inverter unit via the latest technologies. The advanced direct drive motor has optimum washing performance allowing you to wash a variety of fabrics with greater efficiency and less damage.



Washing performance    

Enhanced washing performance up to
Direct Inverter Pay vs. Traditional Pay


Energy saving

Energy saving up to 45%
Inverter Direct Payment: 0.18 kWh / kg
Conventional Payment: kWh / kg


Water supply

Reducing water savings to 25%
Direct commutator payment: 16 l / kg Conventional
: 20 l / kg


Care of the fabric

Reducing tangles to 54%
Direct Inverter: 19%
Conventional Pay: 41% R

Smart Diagnosis

Smart Diagnosis ™ helps diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical faults and reduces costly and uncomfortable visits to the service center

Safe and Comfortable Design

An elegant and durable design ensures comfort and safety while offering effective and innovative features.
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Specifications for " غسالة ملابس ال جي تحميل علوي ، سعة 14 كيلو ، فضي "

Unused Brand ال جي
النوع تحميل علوي
السعة الليترية 14 KG
اللون Silver
Dryer No

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" غسالة ملابس ال جي تحميل علوي ، سعة 14 كيلو ، فضي "

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