Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 , 128GB/4GB

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موبايل سامسونج A7 2018
شريحتي اتصال - شاشة 6.0 بوصة - ذاكرة داخلية 128 جيجا - ذاكرة عشوائية 4 جيجا - 3 كاميرا خلفية بدقة 5+8+24 ميجا بيكسل و كاميرا سيلفي بدقة 24 ميجا بيكسل - نظام أندرويد 8 نوجا - ثماني النواة - بطارية سعة 3300 ملي أمبير

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Stylish and robust design

A conveniently designed phone, equipped with a smart handprint sensor on one side, allows you to handle it comfortably and give you ease of use. Its premium glass back cover adds durability and functionality, and integrates functionality with elegance in a streamlined, streamlined fashion.

Be a part of what you're seeing

With an infinite 6-inch screen with Super AMOLED technology, you will enjoy more dynamic, contrasting pictures, movies, and games to give you a viewing experience that immerses your senses with unparalleled fun .. See a delightful world you have never seen before with
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Double Efficiency

Save half the time by doing two things at once. The AppAir feature allows you to manage two applications at the same time, allowing you to perform multiple tasks very easily, whenever you need to do this while you are moving from one place to another. You can now broadcast your favorite video and send messages, simultaneously, without having to reduce the screen space

Track your case healthy

 Meet your Personal Health Manager to keep your life balanced in the best possible way. The phone features a feature that keeps track of your activity levels, your eating habits, and your sleep patterns, and keeps all of this in a suitable place for easy access to quickly 

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Vibrant Scenes.

The new mobile camera gives you great capabilities to get the pictures you want, as colors and quality always make your photos more beautiful with a broader staff for more details.

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Facial recognition

You can now control your phone instantly by placing it in front of your face .. The face recognition technology allows you to use and unlock your phone to ensure that your personal data does not fall into the wrong hands.


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Fingerprint protection

You can use your phone with a level of security you can trust with a fingerprint scanner .. You can access websites and applications smoothly

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Safety, protection and privacy

The premium Secure Folder of this phone is an effective security solution that allows you to create a private and encrypted space for storing content, such as photos, documents and sound recording files, and provide it with an additional layer of protection that only you can penetrate.

Give your photos an amazing cuteness

It includes the professional lighting feature that gives your selfies a magical light that makes them look like professional pictures, so they look very cool. It is also equipped with a smart cosmetic feature that uses facial recognition to highlight your best features, and they always look glamorous. .


Conveniently turn on and off Wi-Fi

Save your time on Wi-Fi on and off, as the Galaxy A7 allows you to save Wi-Fi history, and it will turn on and off Wi-Fi automatically on your behalf when entering and exiting places containing Contact points used. You can now enjoy seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, while reducing phone data usage when moving to and from places recorded in Wi-Fi history

Surround yourself with the sound of the


Spoil your senses in a rich voice that touches the strings of your heart. A system for creating and replaying multi-channel audio clips is designed to give you the perfect sound experience like you're in a home cinema hall. Now you can breathe life into your your favorite music and movies with a more impactful 3D effect.

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account Messenger  double

Distinguish between business and personal chat messages easily. With a dual Messenger account, you can now link two different chat accounts on your favorite messaging apps * —and it is also easy to download the second account from the main screen or settings menu

Save more content to increase Enjoy

You can easily keep important things on hand with the expandable storage card - up to an additional 512GB. Hence, you can safely keep your additional documents, movies and additional images safely in a convenient, accessible location without any worry.


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Always on

Be aware of the latest developments, as it employs a feature always open on its screen, which allows you to know basic information such as date, weather warnings, time, and notifications in the blink of an eye.


Bright image even in the dark.

Take clear pictures, even if the light is not near you. The high-resolution triple-back phone is equipped with a wide aperture to allow more light to pass and reduce noise when taking pictures in low-light areas.


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Your world is wider with three cameras

Now you can shoot whatever you want in one cadre .. Enjoy all the important details and elements you want to photograph thanks to the triple wide-angle camera (77 degrees) and very wide (120 degrees)


Scenes beating aliv e

With one touch, you can adjust image levels .. Get beautiful photos in moments by adjusting contrast, saturation levels, white balance and brightness automatically .. There are also 19 customization modes to make your photos The final looks as natural as possible


innovations moret

Add some depth to show off the beauty of your photos. Thanks to the 24 MP primary camera, 5 MP depth sensor camera, and the 8 MP ultra wide angle camera, it allows you to control the depth of field to focus on what you want to highlight in the photo. This means that you can be creative in adjusting your images the way you want them

Specifications for Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 , 128GB/4GB

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Unused Brand سامسونج
مقاس الشاشة 6"