LG air-condition , 3HP , Inverter , Cooling Only

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14,875.00 E£

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LG air-condition , 3HP , Inverter , Cooling Only

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cooling fast

The air conditioner starts to cool air quickly thanks to its ability to cool quickly with a dual inverter compressor, so the air flows quickly and cools the spaces faster.

DUAL Inverter Compressor

10-year warranty

Resolves problems such as malfunctions, inefficiency, and noise, providing faster cooling, longer service life, and a quieter operation of the air conditioner. With a 10-year warranty on the compressor, users can enjoy the benefits of an air conditioner for a longer period of time 



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10-year warranty

10-year warranty


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Tuvalu Rhineland

Tuvalu Rhineland is a leading international testing agency.


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DUAL Inverter Compressor

A compressor with a wider rotational frequency saves more energy and has a faster cooling range

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Inverter Compressor permanently adjusts compressor speed to maintain desired temperature levels. Moreover, the compressor saves more energy than conventional compressors



Easy and fast installation

Air conditioners are designed to provide an easy and fast installation regardless of the surroundings and the number of people involved in the installation. With fewer people and the time required to install the product, it is possible to install more than one air conditioner in more than one house in a shorter time



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A simple, slim design with a hidden screen

The slim and modern air conditioner design facilitates the traditional installation and cleaning of the EZ sliding filter. Moreover, the large hidden screen is an ideal tool for conveniently checking the power supply.



Low Noise

Air conditioners operate at low noise levels thanks to the unique fan deflection design and compressor that prevents noise and allows quiet operation



quiet sleep

Quiet sleep mode ensures maximum sleep comfort by automatically setting 3 functions (indirect airflow / 7-hour shutdown time / sleep time logic and comfortable air flow), with one click

automatic cleaning

The fully automatic cleaning function prevents bacteria and mold from forming on the heat exchanger thus providing a comfortable and satisfying environment for the user.


Specifications for LG air-condition , 3HP , Inverter , Cooling Only

Unused Brand LG
Horsepower 3
Heating Function No
Inverter Yes