Samsung Refrigerator, NoFrost, 1 Door, 375 Liter, Silver

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Samsung Digital Refrigerator, No Frost, 1 Door, 375 Liter, Silver - RR39M73007F

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More interior space

The refrigerator has a large capacity, but a design that "suits the cabinet", which allows it to be in harmony with your current kitchen. It has plenty of room to store your weekly groceries, and it's much easier to put all things inside on a

Say goodbye to frost and snow with our premium fridge.

"No Frost" technology improves air circulation to keep the temperature constant in every corner of the refrigerator, which prevents the accumulation of ice and snow. It reaches the target temperature more quickly, increases the durability of the cooling system and avoids waste energy on identifying the system

cooler corner

The comprehensive cooling system continues to monitor any temperature fluctuation and cools the refrigerator evenly from corner to corner. The cold air blows through the multiple ventilation holes in all shelving levels to form a multi-directional airflow and, thus, keeps the temperature constant and keeps the food fresh.

Ideally fitting shape

A "cabinet-friendly and flat" design gives you a perfect fit that adds a bit of sophistication to your kitchen as a whole. It fits seamlessly into the surface of your existing furniture, and its front part does not protrude and thus, you can open the door and use the drawers freely without obstructing the side wall.

  perfect moisture

The vegetable preservative with moisture control keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time, especially with the large size that is sufficient for storing large items. This feature adjusts the humidity level to maintain optimum humidity by opening and closing the ventilation opening automatically to maintain or reduce humidity



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Smart Lighting

The high-gloss "platform lighting" feature on the top and bottom of the fridge illuminates every corner of the fridge with creative lighting. It is also energy efficient and comes in a thinner tool compared to traditional lighting which saves money and creates additional space for food. It also gives you a more pure light that greatly relaxes your eyes

Great convenience in using the door

Fixing large or bizarre elements inside the refrigerator can be a challenge. Hence, the "adjustable container" in the door helps you in easy arrangement and flexible storage of many items in different sizes. You can adjust the space to fit the sizes of bottles, cardboard boxes, and other items to ensure they stay in place

Control from anywhere

contains "smart adapter", so you can check what you're doing anywhere, anytime, using the * app on your smartphone. You can control their "rapid cooling" modes, monitor the temperature, and receive an alert if the door is left open. It even diagnoses errors, so you do not need to read the manual

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Smarter and more durable

The digital inverter compressor adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand within 7 levels. Hence, it uses less energy, reduces noise, and reduces wear and tear caused by performance for extended periods of time. To be completely assured, performance is backed by a 10-year warranty *

Specifications for Samsung Refrigerator, NoFrost, 1 Door, 375 Liter, Silver

Type 1 Door
Frost Type NoFrost
Capacity 375 L
Unused Brand Samsung
Color Silver