مجفف ملابس ال جي تحميل امامي، 10 ك، ديجيتال، فضي

مجفف ملابس ال جي تحميل امامي سعة 10 كيلو، ديجيتال، 14 برنامج و 9 اختيارات للتجفيف، تقنية التجفيف بالتكثيف وخاصية التجفيف بالبخار، تقنية تجفيف الملابس بلطف في درجات حرارة منخفضة وهوما يزيل التجاعيد ويقلل من الانكماش، موتور انفرتر لون فضي وباب كروم اسود

السعة الليترية: 10 KG
اللون: Silver

شهور القسط المقدم
شهر 30 / جنيه 403

بدون مقدم

شهر 6 / جنيه 1,846
شهر 12 / جنيه 906
الدفع الفوري / جنيه 10,070
شهر 36 / جنيه 358

10,070.00 E£ 10070.0 EGP

10,070.00 E£

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Gentle care with a low temperature

LG Dryer takes care of your clothes well, especially delicate fabrics. Thanks to the heat pump technology, you can dry your laundry more gently at low temperatures, which removes wrinkles and reduces shrinkage

Enjoy energy and time savings with the

™LG ECO Hybrid

Hybrid dryer features low-temperature drying with high efficiency in terms of energy use and gentle care for delicate fabrics


تInverter Technology

 Advanced Inverter Technology powered by Inverter Compressor indicates your dryer performance and a high energy efficiency level  


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Self Cleaning Capacitor

Via Tuna Capacitance LG Self Function, you won't have to worry about frequent emptying of the lint from So dried to work properly. The inverter pump technology automatically washes the condenser about 7 times during the drying cycle which gives you more time for other or untillJust becausetake rest period


rue Steam ™ reduces technology

Wrinkles and save time

Technology is gentle but penetrates tissues vigorously to reduce wrinkles and cool clothes. The built-in steam generator creates pure steam that removes allergens, wrinkles, and leaves the laundry clean and fresh. In addition, technology makes ironing easier or sometimes unnecessary



Separate shelf

For shoes and fabrics that need to be cooled without movement. (silk, wool, delicacy, Underwear)

Easy to clean filter

In addition to the ease of cleaning, the filter does not block any part of the glass door, which provides a clear view of the washing inside.

LED suit light

You can see the clothes drying inside the sink

Stainless steel basin

Rust has never appeared in a stainless steel sink! The deformation of the traditional sinks is gradually occurring, but the stainless steel sink has a scratch resistance to appear bright and clean for a longer period.

Antibacterial water tank

Did you forget to empty your dryer water tank? Do not worry. The tank contains an antibacterial substance that helps prevent the appearance of bacterial contaminants

Large capacity

Larger trough for more capacity per load. Less drying frequency to save more time for you and your family. .

Classified condensing for less moisture

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Condensation to drying

9 The clothes come out of the dryer very dry with practically no moisture besides reducing wrinkles and preventing static electricity

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Unused Brand ال جي
السعة الليترية 10 KG
اللون Silver

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" مجفف ملابس ال جي تحميل امامي، 10 ك، ديجيتال، فضي "

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