Oppo F5 Youth 32GB/3GB

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موبايل أوبو F5 Youth
شريحتي اتصال - شاشة 6 بوصة - ذاكرة داخلية 32 جيجا - ذاكرة عشوائية 3 جيجا - كاميرا خلفية بدقة 13 ميجابيكسل وكاميرا سيلفي بدقة 16 ميجا بيكسل - نظام أندرويد 7.1 نوجا - ثماني النواة - بطارية سعة 3200 ملي أمبير

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Oppo F5 Youth

Capture the best of you

16-megapixel front camera with artificial intelligence

Go ahead to take the smart phone world for a new generation

The addition of the AI technology to the front camera makes the photos always in the best condition

Details are clearer

Face enhancement feature

The face enhancement feature in the youthful version beautifies Face to present the best selfie, it focuses on the face to show a clearer and more natural face

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

It always makes your face glow

Background isolation (bokeh)

Using the background isolation feature (bokeh) makes you always in the clearest state where it isolates the background surrounding you to remain unclear and to show you clearly 

Tastefully designed and big screen

In the youthful version you will enjoy the distinctive texture of the screen and ease Access its various parts with hidden buttons as part of the screen you can make it Subtle The screen also features a high-resolution pixel resolution for a viewing experience Excellent when you see your photos and videos and play games 

Better technology for streamlined performance

3GB RAM and Octa Core Processor

In its youthful version, the F5 is based on 3GB RAM and an octa-core processor that makes you enjoy excellent speed while playing games and videos 

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Your new path for the future

Unlock your phone with your fingerprint, with unlimited speed

With the youthful F5 version, you can always unlock your phone with a fingerprint   The finger is lightning fast and you can choose between unlocking the phone   Available in the youth version of F5, be it face, finger, or movement Your module or password, whether it is numbers or letters

You will be able to score the titles you want in the games because the game will not be interrupted even if you receive a call

Avoid closing games while receiving calls

Do you always have trouble when you are enjoying a particular game and suddenly you receive a call? The user interface helps you to avoid interruption of the game and the caller's name appears in the upper area of the screen and you can choose between answering or rejecting

meets your different needs in the fastest time

The special user interface always provides the best and easiest for the user and in the youthful version of it is based on Android 7.1 so you can see the colors and movement in a more realistic and high definition way and through which you can also quickly and easily move between applications whatever the number of these applications and also in addition to the feature of the screen section in half, where you can use two programs in At the same time, the WhatsApp and YouTube conversation program, where watching a video and chat simultaneously, and also is equipped with a night protection system, which is a system designed to protect the eye if you prefer to read your favorite books over the youth version, where you can specify the level of protection for an eye K while reading in dim lighting or a dark room

Specifications for Oppo F5 Youth 32GB/3GB

اللون BLACK أو GOLD
Unused Brand OPPO
مقاس الشاشة 6"