Nokia 7 Plus 64GB/4GB

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شهر 30 / جنيه 330

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شهر 6 / جنيه 1,512
شهر 12 / جنيه 742
الدفع الفوري / جنيه 8,249
شهر 30 / جنيه 330
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شهر 36 / جنيه 293

8,249.00 E£ 8249.0 EGP

8,249.00 E£

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موبايل نوكيا 7 بلس
شريحتي اتصال - شاشة 6.0 بوصة - ذاكرة داخلية 64 جيجا - ذاكرة عشوائية 4 جيجا – 2 كاميرا خلفية بدقة 12 ميجابيكسل و 13 ميجا بيكسل وكاميرا سيلفي بدقة 16 ميجا بيكسل - نظام أندرويد 8.1 اوريو - ثماني النواة - بطارية سعة 3800 ملي أمبير

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Nokia 7 Plus

A phone you can rely on

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Watch more, do more

6-inch HD display will quickly become the home screen. Do you want to watch and chat? With a simple touch, you can split the screen and open two windows of the same size. Test multitasking the right way 


Coated beauty

Made of durable 6000 Series Aluminum, it can handle all conditions we are exposed to every day and remains in good condition. Smart curves and ceramic-like finish combine the best features: a firm grip and a pure look

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Rich picture color, even in unfavorable conditions

12-megapixel and 13-megapixel cameras with 2x optical zoom and lenses deliver brilliant colors that bring vitality to your photos. On the other hand, the 16MP front camera with lens plus superb low-light performance allows you to capture great selfies, day or night. 

Make the most of all the details

Placing the new in a phone is an easy and fast way to set white balance, focus and level, the shutter speed and exposure compensation in order to obtain exceptional pictures in exceptional circumstances.


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equipped with Zeiss lenses - which are exclusively integrated with Nokia phones


from a slight whisper to a very loud sound

Wherever you are, no matter the decibel level, three high-quality microphones are ready to capture every pitch that comes out

Specifications for Nokia 7 Plus 64GB/4GB

اللون BLACK أو White
مقاس الشاشة 6"