Nokia 3.1 Plus 32GB/3GB

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3,355.00 E£

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موبايل نوكيا 3.1 بلس
شريحتي اتصال - شاشة 6.0 بوصة - ذاكرة داخلية 32 جيجا - ذاكرة عشوائية 3 جيجا - كاميرا خلفية بدقة 8 ميجابيكسل وكاميرا سيلفي بدقة 5 ميجا بيكسل - نظام أندرويد 8.1 اوريو - ثماني النواة - بطارية سعة 3500 ملي أمبير

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Nokia 3.1 Plus



advanced imaging capabilities

Capture Eye-catching images

. The 13-core primary camera, which operates with a detection-based autofocus technology with an accurate sensor uses depth-of-shooting imaging technology, which produces an impressive blur effect, with fast and accurate focusing even with low light.



See everything bigger.

Take your viewing experience even better. Precisely, with a 6-inch screen, it delivers stunning contrast and clarity, with vibrant colors and more detail. 



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Pure, safe and always the latest

Take advantage of the latest payment methods such as Google Play with the phone

3.Your phone will remain secure and up to date, thanks to two years of Android message update and three years of monthly security updates


Power for days The battery life that lasts for two days

1 makes it a phone you can really count on. An octa-core processor uses four of the powerful cores for basic tasks, but it can power all eight cores when more power is needed - this means less worry about charging the phone battery and more




Durable and Stylish

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Android One
Best Android Versions
  is a group of phones that meets the requirements of advanced software determined by Google. As one of the devices, the phone provides everything you need and nothing that is not necessary, with a simplified interface that is easy to use, a selection of pre-installed applications, and free storage capacity for unlimited and high-quality images through Google periodic security updates and OS upgrades for two years means that the phone that works with the system remains safe and comprehensive for the latest innovations Google  
4. Periodic security updates and OS upgrades for two years means that the phone running on the operating system remains safe and comprehensive for the latest innovation




Pair your phone with the original wireless earphones for a wireless entertainment experience, without compromising the sound quality. The ultra-light earphones accommodate effortlessly the portable charging case in the pocket, which includes a battery sufficient to recharge the earphones enough to play audio entertainment materials up to 14 hours²


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head phone



Open, link, play. The wireless earphone combines comfort, light weight and elegant design. Easily connect with your phone effortlessly, and enjoy music without the hassle of wires. And when you're done, put it in a stylish portable bag where it charges for next use.



Specifications for Nokia 3.1 Plus 32GB/3GB

اللون Blue أو White
Unused Brand Nokia
مقاس الشاشة 6"