Nokia 2.1 , 8GB/1GB

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موبايل نوكيا 2.1
شريحتي اتصال - شاشة 5.5 بوصة - ذاكرة داخلية 8 جيجا - ذاكرة عشوائية 1 جيجا - كاميرا خلفية بدقة 8 ميجابيكسل وكاميرا سيلفي بدقة 5 ميجا بيكسل - نظام أندرويد 8.1 نوجا - ثماني النواة - بطارية سعة 4000 ملي أمبير

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Nokia 2.1

long-lasting entertainment



Operating system


optimized for life requirements

The phone comes with the Android 9B operating system with an optimized mode that enables you to use applications faster and without annoying slowdowns. In addition, pre-designed applications have been designed to consume less storage space and data so that you can accomplish More  

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The freedom to enjoy the battery that lasts for two whole days
The phone can a Provider with a battery

2 With a capacity of 4000 mAh continue to work for two days without interruption, and thus you will spend less time worrying about charging the battery and more time doing what you love


experience better

with screen


Nokia 2.1 optimizes your experiences for everything you watch. Watch your favorite shows with a friend on the 5.5-inch HD screen, so wide that you can participate - or pamper yourself with a one-on-one experience. The dual front-facing speakers complement the experience with immersive stereo sound


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Smooth performance

The Android 9B operating system is the perfect choice to make the most of the mobile platform that features phones - browsing, scrolling, watching videos, and navigating between apps is very easy and smooth.





Made with the most careful details


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Specifications for Nokia 2.1 , 8GB/1GB

اللون Blue Silver أو Blue Copper
Unused Brand Nokia
مقاس الشاشة 5.5"