Unionaire MEGAFY Air conditioner 2.25 HP, Cool Only

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Unionaire MEGAFY Air conditioner 2.25 HP, Cool Only, Plasma air purifying system “Ionizer Filter”, Very elegant design to suit any decoration, Energy saving with low power consumption, Ultra quiet operation, Attractive LCD wireless remote controller with high transmission ability, Advanced-technology PC-board for full control, “DRY” mode reduces water vapor by computerized dehumidification, “SLEEP” mode provides suitable sleeping environment with energy saving, 24 hours programmable timer controls the unit operation, Automatic & Manual selection of outlet air direction, Automatic selection of not less than 3-stage indoor fan speed, Electronic system provides 3 minutes anti short cycle protection for compressor which guarantees total system integrity, “Hydrophilic” fins in the evaporator, Self-diagnosis function, Efficient - easy removable and cleanable air filters, Hidden LED Screen

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