عجان كينوود 1000 وات احمر

عجان كينوود 1000 وات اللون احمر حلة استانلس 4.3لتر + 3 اسلحة للعجن مزود ب كبة اكليرك2.1لتر بأسلحة بشر وتقطيع + دورق زجاجى 1.2لتر+عصارة برتقال+مفرمة لحمة ب 2 مقاس للفرم - KHH324.RD

شهور القسط المقدم
شهر 30 / جنيه 320

بدون مقدم

شهر 6 / جنيه 1,464
شهر 12 / جنيه 719
الدفع الفوري / جنيه 7,988
شهر 30 / جنيه 320
شهر 36 / جنيه 284
شهر 36 / جنيه 284

7,988.00 E£ 7988.0 EGP

7,988.00 E£


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يبسط الخلط

Three special bowl tools from MultiOne make cake and bread making extremely easy.
Prepare mereng with specially designed balloon whiskKnead your dough perfectly with our spiral dough hook designed to help you remove all the heavy burden of baking

 Make preparing food easy


With you, with many devices to make food preparation faster and easier, you can cut vegetables in seconds with stainless steel blades, a three-disc food processor for slicing, and grating And chop it up. You can prepare fresh juices and healthy juices quickly and easily, and you can also prepare fresh meatballs or sausages from scratch using the additional mincing machine. 

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big enough for your entire family

 With a 4.3 liter bowl, the MultiOne is a great product to feed your entire family.Its powerful 1000W motor makes it easy to handle family meals.


Super easy operation

 With the easy-to-use features, you can include your entire family in the food preparation business.Cooking with a simple overhead system and a feed-in splash guard is no longer a demanding task.Plus, you'll no longer have to worry about clutter thanks to the intelligent soft-start variable speed control that gradually increases the speed and prevents materials from spilling out of the bowl.

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