Kenwood Fruit juicer, 700 Watt, Stainless steel

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Fruit juicer stainless - 700 watt- 2 speed options - JEM500SS

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Kenwood Fruit juicer, 700 Watt

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Use whole ingredients without needing to cut

Thanks to the large size of the fruit pushing tube, you can insert the larger apples and oranges, which will save you from the mess that may occur and reduce the preparation time.

waste minimization

Thanks to an effective pulp extractor, you can get more juice and a smaller amount of pulp that should be disposed of. There is a dedicated pulp basket with a capacity of 2 liters to facilitate the collection of any waste without causing mess 

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The accuracy of squeeze out

You can control the age thanks to the two speed modes, so if you squeeze soft or hard fruits and vegetables, you will get amazing results all the time

Efficiency of the Times

The juicer has a powerful 700 W motor, which allows you to extract vitamins and nutrients effectively and enjoy your favorite healthy drinks


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Freshly Clean Juices

You can keep the kitchen clean from any spillage accidents thanks to the leak-proof plug


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