ULTRA Electric Kettle, 1.7 L, 2200 Watt, Silver

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399.00 E£

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ULTRA Kettle, 1.7 Litre, 2200 Watt, Silver - FK1206

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innovation Classy

the water hole of the kettle is designed for perfect pouring every time, without any spills or stains. For things to be easier, the water meter allows you to accurately measure the amount of water you need without wasting water or energy.

 360 ° rotating base

Now with the base of this 360 degree boiler you can carry it and put it in the desired place easily and in any position so that it is distinguished by the delivery of up to 360 degrees which makes it the ideal boiler for all homes regardless of whether you are Left or right hand used

Water inlet


this Ultra Kettle comes in cup sizes of different sizes so you can fill the kettle with the water you need, but  

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Heating element


، the heating element is inside the boiler pot to reduce frequent deposits and ease of cleaning the boiler

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