LG Front Loading Washing Machine 9KG 1400 RPM, Silver

LG Front Loading Washing Machine 9KG, Direct Drive Motor , 6 motion ,LED display, Steam, 1400 RPM, Color Silver

النوع: تحميل امامي
السعة الليترية: 9 KG
Dryer: No
اللون: Silver

شهور القسط المقدم
شهر 24 / جنيه 498
شهر 30 / جنيه 380
الدفع الفوري / جنيه 9,490
الدفع الفوري / جنيه 9,490
الدفع الفوري / جنيه 9,490

بدون مقدم

شهر 6 / جنيه 1,740
شهر 12 / جنيه 854
شهر 18 / جنيه 617
شهر 36 / جنيه 337
الدفع الفوري / جنيه 9,490

9,490.00 E£ 9490.0 EGP

9,490.00 E£


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Sleek design and convenient touch user interface.

Touch Control supports a sleek, streamlined design that gives you a creative touch in your home. Each model in the assortment comes with a touch control panel that gives an angle to give you maximum visibility


Allergens fight with the power of steam

The allergy care cycle relies on water and heat to generate the super sterilization steam that sterilizes clothes without damaging them. This reduces 99.9% allergens, such as dust mites, which can cause allergies or respiratory diseases. Enjoy improving your quality of life by maintaining a healthy, allergen-free environment

less vibration, less noise

The LG Inverter Direct Drive Motor is installed in the drum without the use of a belt or pulley. The presence of few mechanical parts ensures low energy dispersion, which improves the washing performance, ensures reduced vibration and noise, and helps to save energy and increases the durability of the device


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Award and Confirmation

award-winning trademark

global no 1
in selling household scrubbers for two consecutive years (except for China)



Ideal washing of clothes with 6 strokes direct movement

6-motion Direct Animation technology provides improved motion combinations for each clothing type..Thus, it gives you performance Strong wash with minimal damage.
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Dimensions and Weight

Specifications for " LG Front Loading Washing Machine 9KG 1400 RPM, Silver "

Unused Brand ال جي
النوع تحميل امامي
السعة الليترية 9 KG
Dryer No
اللون Silver

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" LG Front Loading Washing Machine 9KG 1400 RPM, Silver "

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